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Founded way back in 2009, Behind the Box Score is a sports news site that features the best of Columbus and Ohio, with a major emphasis on basketball and recruiting news and notes. For the past year, I worked at ScarberryMedia.com and am now bringing BtBS back to where it once was. This has been a long time coming, and along with the help of ex-BtBS writer Zach Fleer, the movement will start once again.

Jason Morrow, Founder/Owner

As mentioned above, I worked for Scarberry Media for the past year before coming back to Behind the Box Score and picking up where I left off here. I also have spent time writing for ZagsBlog, a national recruiting website run by SNY.tv’s Adam Zagoria. Other articles and videos of mine have been featured and shared by Bleacher Report, Eleven Warriors, Land Grant Holy Land, KY Sports Radio and ESPN’s Paul Biancardi.

Examples include:

Chuck Okafor on Duke in 2014-15: ‘National championship or bust’ (ZagsBlog)

2015 Forward Ahmad Says West Virginia Working Hardest (ZagsBlog)

LSU-Bound Simmons Leads Montverde to City of Palms Title (ZagsBlog)

Lakewood St. Edward’s stuns Upper Arlington to win Division I title (ScarberryMedia)

Miles Reynolds, Paul White fuel Whitney Young comeback win over Akron SVSM  (ScarberryMedia)

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