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Painting the Town Royal Blue: Central Crossing’s Rise to Relevancy [Column]

CC Pano

66-20. 41-7. 43-6. 51-12.

If you are a part of the Central Crossing alumnae or a fan from 2002-2014, you may not be able to discern which game or season these scores come from, but you do know that the royal blue and silver were not on the winning end. These are all final scores of losses encountered by the 2013 team, all encountered in OCC-Central play to the likes of Hilliard Davidson, Upper Arlington, Thomas Worthington and Marysville. The Comets finished 2-8 and yet again, found themselves looking to the future, hoping that some day they could possibly just have a winning season, let alone a berth in the OHSAA state playoffs.

Oh, the difference a year makes.

Fast-forward to Week 10 of the 2014 season, and you would think the Comets were a perennial contender in Central Ohio. Remember those four losses by 34+ points mentioned above? Yeah, those rematches been turned into four of the biggest wins of school history, each important in their own way, three of which have been by 10+ points.

Arguably the greatest feat was a 21-20 upset win over defending OCC-Central champion Hilliard Davidson, which included stopping the ‘Cats on a two-point play in overtime. Throw in a 35-21 throttling of perennial bully Upper Arlington and you have something special that has never been seen from the boys on Big Run South.

Along with many of my classmates, I stood as a part of the “Comet Crazies” no matter what, win or lose. I do not get how the student section is not filled to capacity each and every week, being loud and proud for a team that is setting new records by the week. Not to sound like an old man, but if from 2006-08 one of our football teams was having a year like this, I’m not sure you would be able to find a quiet fan in the bunch.

But now, the frustrations on fall Friday nights have turned into something much different that the community has picked up on. Sitting at 6-3 and 15th in Division I: Region II, there is a serious chance that the royal blue and silver will complete the #RoadToWeek11, being the first team from Grove City to play in the OHSAA playoffs since 2008.

Before the Comets think about the playoffs, they must first complete their regular season with a win over none other than archrival Westland, which has been more of a kitten than a Cougar since 2008, with Central Crossing winning by an average score of 29-10 in the five meetings between the two schools.

Residing just 5.4 miles from Central Crossing, (Galloway) Westland has been a fair and worthy foe in other sports, and when you think about “Rivalry Week” you must always consider the fact that no matter the records, you will get their best shot. It does not matter if they are 3-6 or 6-3, there is no doubt it will be a close game.

The book about the 2014 Comets has all but been written, and only the final few chapters await their destiny. What now sits before this team is a chance to finish the book with a strong closing statement, forever etching their history with a big royal blue and silver signature all their own.

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